What Is The 250 Challenge?

The Naples High Band Boosters are on a mission to secure 250 sponsors on behalf of the Naples High Band Program students. Funds raised will enable our students to replace 20+ year old instruments, compete in various performances and competitions, offset student travel costs, and upgrade our vastly outdated Music Technology Program. What we need is 250 community members/local businesses to donate $250. In return we will feature you as a Golden Eagle Booster on our Golden Eagle Run event sponsor board attended by over 500 runners and our website for one year. In addition, we will identify you/your business on our social media as a supporter. Our posts reached an average of almost 30,000 views in one month of students, parents, alumni, and community members. This a great way to promote your business in the community while helping our students. For more information please contact Fundraising@NaplesHighBand.com or call Misty Sayah at 239-269-0385.

Want to donate your sponsorship amount online? It’s easy. Simply click on the link above to provide payment and then email your completed donation form to GoldenEagleRun@NaplesHighBand.com

Marketing Stats and Facts

Why should businesses join the challenge? For $250 they get:

  • The Naples High student body is unique in the fact that while 46% of our students are considered economically disadvantaged the other half of our population are students from what is considered to be “affluent” neighborhoods such as Port Royal, Gulf Shore Blvd, the City Center, 5th Ave, 3rd Street, Crayton, Goodlette, the Moorings, “old” Naples, and Grey Oaks. In addition, our heart of Naples location draws an average of 5,000 community members at each of our home games. This provides an amazing opportunity to promote your business to many different demographics in one setting.
  • A shout out at their business with Bernard the Eagle on all our social media. Our posts have reached as many as 30,000 users in a month.
  • Their business logo and website link (back-link) stay on the website for one year including through football season.
  • Businesses with quality back-links may rank higher on Google.
  • They will be listed on the event sponsor board attended by over 500 people.
  • Supporters of the Golden Eagle Run gain exposure with students, parents, alumni, game attendees and our community partners.
  • They get to help out a great cause by supporting the Naples High Band Program!

Band Program Wish List

Item Quanity Total Cost
53′ Kentucky Semi Trailer (Modified to our needs) 1 $35,000.00
Tama Battery Line 1 Thank You!
Tama 4.3 Octave Marimba 2 $9,000.00
Tama Vibraphone 3 $13,500.00
Tama Xylophone 1 $3,500.00
Tama Bells (Glockenspiel) 1 $3,500.00
Conn 20K Silver Plated Sousaphone 6 Thank You
Yamaha Marching Euphonium 6 $16,362.00
EZ-Go Golf Cart to pull Equipment 1 $5,000.00
Wegner Jazz Risers (Stage Hand 4’x8′) 4 $2,000.00
Jazz Poly Band Stands 24″ 8 Thank You
Jazz Poly Stands 32″ 6 Thank You!
Jazz Poly Stands 40″ 6 Thank You!
Wenger Music Stand Light – Battery Operated LED 30 Thank You!
White Dinner Jackets 24 $1,800.00
Superstar Classic “Jazz Kit” 4-Piece Drum Set Shell 1 Thank You!
Roland FA08 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard 1 $1,800.00
Roland KC880 Keyboard Amplifier 1 $1,000.00
Bigfoot Line Array (PA System) 1 $3,500.00
Concert Attire (Tuxes and Dresses) 125 $12,500
Aluminum Flag Poles 50 $550.00
Item Quanity Total Cost
French Horn Acoustic Shield 6 $1,500.00
Musser Symphonic Series 1.5 Octave Brass Chimes 1 $4,500.00
Wenger Bravo Stand 108 $6,000.00
Wenger Large Stand Cart 6 $2,400.00
Fall Creek K-100W3 3.4 Octave Wide Bar Bells (Glockenspiel) 1 $2,800.00
Fall Creek Traveler Glockenspiel/Bell Cart 1 $500.00
Fox Bassoon 2 Thank You!
Pearl C1030SC Gooseneck Suspended Cymbal Stand 3 $359.85
Sabian 22089SET AA Molto Symphonic Suspended Pack 3-Piece Cymbal Box Set 1 $629.99
Sabian 61035 22″ Basic Cymbal Bag 15 $437.25
Sabian 61002 Leather Cymbal Straps 8 $79.92
Sabian 61001 Leather Cymbal Pads 8 $119.92
Titan MUFFG Gong Field Frame with 8″ No-Flat Tires – Must Ship by Freight 1 $755.00
Sabian 53001 30″ Chinese Gong 2 $1,089.98
Sabian PW1 AAX Praise & Worship Pack 5-Piece Cymbal Box Set 1 $989.99
Sabian 25005MB AA Metal Performance Pack 3-Piece Cymbal Box Set 1 $638.10
Sabian SR20SH 20″ SR2 Heavy Suspended Cymbal 9 $1,494.00
Sabian SR18BOH 18″ SR2 Band & Orchestra Heavy Crash Cymbal Pair 8 $2,272.00
DSI Elite Pro Performance Rifle 50 $3,000.00
DSI Excalibur Performance Sabre 50 $7,000.00

For More Information:

Misty Sayah